Cookies Policy

This cookie notice applies to ( ) websites or branded pages on third-party platforms (e.g. Youtube, Facebook…) and applications that are accessed through our website are operated by, or on behalf of, Signature Morocco,

By using you are consenting to our use of cookies. As well as other tracking technology that accords with our notice. Users who choose to not agree to our use of cookies, and other tracking technology, should disable them. You may set different settings, or not use our website. Cookies that we choose to set will impact your experience on our website.

We urge the users who are accessing the internet via a mobile device, to refer to the privacy notice of the specific app they’re using, in order to further understand its process of collecting data and its practices.

1. What are cookies?

Websites you visit place small text files on your computer.

In order to elevate the website’s efficiency; we use cookies. Almost every other website uses the same modern tracking technology. Owners of the website are also provided with certain information.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy to get further details on what information is collected. And to also realize what Signature Morocco does with the collected information. Please refer to our Privacy policy page in order to receive further details.

2. How does Signature Morocco use cookies? And Why?

Information that’s related to you (name and IP address) is not collected by our Cookies on our website. Signature Morocco keeps a non-personally identifiable format of the information collected.

The reason uses cookies is similar to almost every website. Cookies help us have a better grasp of how our website users interact with the website. Cookies can also help improve user-friendliness and gain customer satisfaction feedback. Also, by using Cookies, we have an easier way of communicating with our users elsewhere on the web. In order to enable our facility of communication, some Cookies are applied when you enter our website.

3. What type of cookies does Signature Morocco use?

Signature Morocco uses the following types of cookies to maintain a facilitated way of communicating.

Session cookies:

Once you close down your browser, temporary cookie files no longer function. Signature Morocco will treat you as a new visitor when you restart your browser; and enter the site that initially created the session cookie.

Necessary cookies:

These are vital to the website’s operating process. Our website will not work properly without necessary cookies. Contrary to all other cookies, which will require your informed consent, necessary cookies won’t require such consent as they remain a necessary part of any website’s functionality.

Functional/Persistent cookies:

Persistent or functional cookies are set up so that the user will have an ameliorated functionality of the website.

I.e. You will not be shown content that has been previously viewed on our website. These cookies will remember the email address and passord that you provided for us.

These cookies basically omit the hassle of having to re-enter your password and re-registering each time you re-visit our website. Signature Morocco may also use these cookies to block underage users from certain activities on our website.

Cookies that send information to us:

This cookie allows us to offer you a suitable advertisement. Third party websites  ( e.g. Youtube, Facebook… ) send us information and we obtain them. Once you click or interact with our advertisement, you are allowing us to obtain information via said these cookies. Signature Morocco’s advertisement will be tailored to your relevance and interests. This cookie allows us to do just that by basing our ads on your previous online behavior.

Third party cookie:

This cookie allows partner companies of ours to collect data from our website. For instance, when using a social widget (e.g. the Facebook icon) on the website. This will save your “share” or “reaction”. Facebook, being the company setting this cookie, will collect the data.

Demographics and Interest Reporting:

DoubleClick cookie is what allows to improve advertising. Some of our websites use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. This helps us avoid showing you the same ads. It helps our company to provide you with a relevant and interesting advertisement. If you wish for your data to not be collected in this way, you may:

  • Use Google’s Browser add-on to opt out of Google Analytics.
  • Use Google’s Ad Settings to opt out of Display Advertising.

Doubleclick cookies do not deliver personally identifiable information. However, This cookie will contain additional identifiers at certain times. The identifier is similar in appearance to the cookie ID, its purpose is to identify previously exposed user ad campaign. Individual users will not have their information reported by Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting.

4. How can I change my cookie Settings?

If you are not happy to accept cookies, you need to make sure that your computer settings reflect this choice. There are various ways in which you can set your browser, you can set it to warn you before accepting cookies. You can, as well, set your settings to completely refuse cookies without asking you. Although, by doing that, you are yielding the opportunity to have complete access to all of the features on our website. Your browser “help” button will assist you to further understand the settings.

Our website does not require cookies to use many of its parts.

Legal Notice Update:

Signature Morocco has the right to further change this notice. We urge you to refer to our Cookies Policy Page from time to time in order to review the changes (if any). Additional information may be added as well.